Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Singapore

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Consular assistance in case of death

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Ukraine can provide assistance to distressed Ukrainians who seek repatriation of deceased family members.

In the case that you obtain information about the death/perish of a Ukrainian national within the consular district please contact our Office - (65) 6535 6550, or send information to our fax: (65) 6535 2116.

Please be advised that we need not only the name, but also personal data of the deceased Ukrainian such as the copy of his/her ID (if possible Ukrainian passport) or any available information concerning his/her place of final residency in Ukraine and that of his/her relatives.

After receiving the information, the Consular Office will immediately inform relatives in Ukraine or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine so that they may establish contact with existing family members in Ukraine. With the consent of the existing family members, we are ready to assist in compliance with the Ukrainian law regarding repatriation of the body.

All other questions should be addressed to the funeral companies themselves.

The following documents must be provided for the shipment of the remains from Singapore to Ukraine:

- The deceased's ID, passport or seamen document.

- Authenticated and translated death certificate (see "Authentication of documents") or Authenticated and translated Post Mortem Examination paper.

- Authenticated and translated Export permission (see "Authentication of documents").

- Translated Embalming and Sealing certificates (to be done by the funeral company).

- Schedule of shipment.

In order to receive further instructions on the aforesaid please contact the consul direct on (65) 6535 6550.

Please, be advised that these provisions are subject to change without prior notification.


Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Singapore
Chief: Mr Oleh Hladyshev
Address: Consular Section, Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Singapore 50 Raffles Place, # 16-05, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore, 048623. View on map
Phone: (65) 6535 6550
Fax: (65) 6535 2116
Email: ukrconsul.sg@gmail.com

Operating hours of the Consular section (visas, legalization, passports, notary services):

Monday              11:00 - 13:30

Tuesday             11:00 - 13:30

Wednesday       13:00 - 15:30

Thursday           13:00 - 15:30 

Friday                11:00 - 13:30

The Consular Section is closed during all of Ukrainian and some of Singaporean holidays.

In case of disasters, terrorist attacks, riots, injury/death of citizens of Ukraine, in other cases when life or health of Ukrainians is threatened, the consular assistance is also provided off visitors’ hours.

Boundaries of the consular district:

Singapore, Brunei