Business opportunities in Ukraine
26 February 2020 07:23

Ukraine: at a glance

Area: 603, 700 km2

Population: 42 million

Main economic features:

large developed consumer market

highly educated and competitive manpower costs

good natural resources

open and export-oriented economy

WTO member

FTA with EU, EFTA, Montenegro, Canada, Israel and Turkey

strategic location at the crossroads of European and Asian trade routes:

     # 1 Route between Europe, Asia and the Middle East

     # 2 in Europe rail freight volumes

     # 6 in the World rail freight volumes

  • Agriculture Superpower -   potential to provide food for 800 million people
  •        41.5 million hectares, 70% of the territory of Ukraine
  •        25% world`s most fertile black soil

       3rd in food production worldwide

       world largest exporter:

#1 sunflower oil,

#2 grain,

#4 barley and corn,

#6 wheat and soybean

#7  poultry and honey,

#9 eggs.  

  • IT Powerhouse 
  •         over 4,000 tech companies operating on the market
  •         over 1,600 software development service companies
  •         over 185,000 software developers in Ukraine

   over 100 companies on the Fortune 500 list are clients of Ukrainian IT firms

# 20th A.T. Kearney Global Digital Services locations in 2019

# The Global Outsourcing 100 included 17 Ukrainian tech companies in the annual ranking of the best suppliers of IT services in the world in 2019

Videos to watch:

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How to start your business in Ukraine          

Ukraine company registration process takes from to 5 days.

Registration company at a glance

Registration at the Registration Office (

Registration VAT at the State Tax Authority (

Preparation of a Company seal

Opening a bank account


If you intend to establish a company in Ukraine with a help of law firms please check this list –


Public procurement in Ukraine

Ukraine and Singapore are the parties to the Agreement on Government Procurement (within the framework of the World Trade Organization). The agreement provides suppliers a guarantee of non-discrimination regarding procurement.

Key sectors of Ukrainian economy: Food Production and Agriculture; IT, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Transport logistics; Energy.

ProZorro is a centralized, electronic open-source database enabling public procurement in Ukraine.

Please check ProZorro website to find:

  • information on all tenders held after July 31, 2016 (status, results, winners)
  • news and public events

The website does not give you access to participate in tenders posted.

To participate in procurements, bidders must use authorized electronic trading platforms. Regardless of the platform used, the tender data will be identical.

Platforms with English interface:

Bidding process at a glance

  • Select the opportunity
  • Clarify the terms
  • Pay the participation fee
  • Submit the tender offer
  • Auction
  • Qualification stage
  • Contract execution
  • Complaints (if applicable)

Taxation in Ukraine                           

Main taxes in Ukraine

Type of tax

Tax rate

Corporate tax


Insurance companies

0%, 3%

Book publishing

10%, 18%



Value Added Tax (VAT)


Tax on goods and services


Tax on medicines and medical products


Export goods and services


Personal income tax


Royalty income


Interest income


Real estate tax


Sale of house, apartment, or their parts, etc (one item per year) if owned by a taxpayer for longer than 3 years before disposal


Sale of more than 1 real estate item per year


Sale of real estate objects by non-resident individual


Military tax



Individual or legal entity that meets certain legal requirements can choose the simpli­ed tax regime. Simpli­ed tax regime provides for a simpli­ed accounting and reporting. There are four groups of simpli­ed tax payers:

private entrepreneurs only – I and II group;

legal entities and private entrepreneurs – III group;

agricultural producers – IV group.


Maximum annual income

Maximum number of employees



UAH 300 thousand

( 12 000 USD)


up to 10% of the minimum amount of cost of living (approx. USD 7 in 2019)


UAH 1.5 million

(60 000 USD)

from 0 to 10

up to 20% of minimum salary (approx. USD 30 in 2019)


UAH 5million

(200 000 USD)


3% of gross income (for VAT payers)

5% of gross income (for VAT non-payers)


Without limits


0.19-6.33% of the normative monetary value of the area of agricultural lands and/or water resources

Useful links 

Exporters and Investors Council (EIC) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was established in 2013 in order to safeguard national interests in Ukrainian export promotion and attraction of foreign investments to Ukraine.

EIC is a platform, which unites Ukrainian producers, exporters and leading business associations providing necessary support in promoting their goods and services abroad and entering new markets, as well as attracting foreign investors and companies to Ukraine effectively using diplomatic tools, resources and networks.

The Head of the Council is the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

More information -


Business opportunities in Lviv Region

Investment opportunities in Kryvyi Rih

Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine -

State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection -

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine -

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry –      

European Business Association -

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine -

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