Business opportunities in Ukraine
16 January 2024 07:23



  • Area: 603, 700 km2
  • Population: 42 million
  • Geographical center of Europe. Geographic location makes it an important transit corridor for trade.
  • Rich and complementary mineral resources in high concentrations and close proximity to each other.
  • High reserves of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, and mercury.

Main economic features

  • highly educated and competitive manpower
  • rich natural resources
  • open and export-oriented economy
  • WTO member
  • FTA with EU, EFTA, Montenegro, Canada, Israel and Turkey
  • extensive railway and highway networks, sea and river ports, airports.

Agriculture Superpower 

Potential to provide food for 800 million people

  • arable lands 70% of the territory
  • 25% world`s most fertile black soil
  • worldwide largest exporter: sunflower oil, grain, barley and corn, wheat and soybean, poultry and honey, eggs.

IT Powerhouse 

Ukraine is the first country to digitalize most of its personal official and government-related paperwork. Ukraine ranks 4th in worldwide volume of mobile device powered financial transactions. Ukraine’s number of crypto users puts it to the 4th place in the world with legalized mining and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Details: Ministry of Economy of Ukraine




EIC is a platform, which unites Ukrainian producers, exporters and leading business associations providing necessary support in promoting their goods and services abroad and entering new markets, as well as attracting foreign investors and companies to Ukraine effectively using diplomatic tools, resources and networks.


NAZOVNI provides contacts of potential partners to export and import. 

Application form for non-resident companies of Ukraine who want to buy products or services from Ukrainian suppliers

Catalog of Ukrainian Goods for Export (download)




Investment opportunities in Ukraine

Advantage Ukraine

In July 2022, at the conference in Lugano, Ukraine presented a powerful and comprehensive plan for recovery of the country. The implementation of this strategy is designed for 10 years and gained favorable assessments and support from international partners.

Ukraine sets an ambitious, however quite realistic goal: to make a huge step from transitional to developing economy by 2032.

To attract foreign investors to the Ukrainian economy, a unique electronic platform Advantage Ukraine has been created, which hosts more than 500 investment projects and opportunities in 10 sectors of the economy.

Having registered on the platform, each potential investor will receive comprehensive information about investment opportunities, specific projects and benefits that he or she will have from investing in the economy of Ukraine.




UkraineInvest Services

Guide: Rebuilding Ukraine with the Private Sector

Rebuilding Ukraine with Private Sector is set to become the important source of information about Ukraine to potential investors. It contains information on Ukraine’s investment profile, financial incentives, business opportunities, as well as analytical data from various industries.


The defence industry of Ukraine is a strategically important sector and a large employer in Ukraine. After working for several decades mostly for the arms export markets, in 2014 it has moved significantly into increased Ukrainian military procurement.

Metallurgy. Ukraine is among the countries with expertise in high-technology metallurgical processes and full-cycle production of titanium and titanium-containing products. Ukraine holds an estimated 6.5 billion tonnes of crude iron ore reserves. There is a huge potential for direct reduced iron market and green metallurgy.

Agriculture. Historically known as the “bread basket of Europe”, Ukraine is set to become the “food basket” of the world. With 33% of the world’s black soil concentrated in Ukraine, a favorable climate and proximity to key markets, Ukraine is becoming an agriculture export powerhouse with huge processing opportunities.

Energy sector. Traditionally, Ukraine has a powerful and developed energy sector, including gas, electricity, hydro, coal and nuclear. Ukraine’s renewables sector is poised for rapid growth. Creating balancing capacities and development of the energy storage system are promising directions for investments.

Pharma in Ukraine is the industry which combines a long history of development with innovations. This industry is among the leaders of investment. Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies keep up to international standards, most of the production capacities have been partially restored and obtained GMP.

Industrial manufacturing is an important sector of the Ukrainian economy. Large network of mechanical engineering enterprises in Ukraine produces turbines and electrical generators, railway cars, mining and agricultural equipment, machine tools, aircraft engines, production equipment for the light and food industries.



State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection -

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine -

Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry –      

European Business Association -

American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine -

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